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We are able to send to UK again


but it require Phytosanitary certyficate


order fulfillment time is about 2-4 weeks

(time needed to make certyficate)


and minimum order amount is 250 euro




The OrchidGarden company is a family business established in 2008. We grow botanical and hybrid orchids.


The narrow specialization of our company may come as a surprise, but botanical orchids are fascinating plants. The Orchidaceae family includes over 27,000 botanical species and several times more hybrids. It is one of the largest groups in the whole nature. The rich diversity of shapes and colours will entrance all with its beauty and, once you have become interested in orchids, you will never want to stop.


Most products in our range are plants grown by us in order to guarantee their high quality, as confirmed by the increasing number of satisfied customers both in Poland and abroad. We make every effort to supply orchids of the highest quality, spread, but not diversified, in order to facilitate their adaptation to your home and allow you to enjoy their flowers.




 All our orchids gest Plant Passpots




Quick view on our greenhouse:










To meet the needs of our foreign customers, we have created this English version of our website.


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Justyna Papuga, M.Sc. Eng.

The owner of OrchidGarden


S - Jungpflanzen (mehr als 2 Jahre bis zum Blühen)
NFS - die Pflanze ist reif zum Blühen in ca. 1-2 Jahren
FS - die Pflanze ist reif zum Blühen
RK - Orchideen auf Kork (aufgebunden)
Das Alter der Pflanzen wird durch Produzenten bei der Einhaltung optimaler Anbaubedingungen bestimmt.
Die zum Blühen nötige Zeit kann also bei den jeweiligen Personen unterschiedlich sein (kürzer oder länger)